[TxMt] Keybinding hosed

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Mon Jan 23 03:07:14 UTC 2006

On 23.01.2006, at 02:23, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 10/1/2006, at 15:15, John Johnson wrote:
>> I've managed to hose the binding for my keypad Enter key. It  
>> doesn't do anything now. It could have had something to do with  
>> using the 'defaults' command, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? I  
>> would even consider a return to all default keybindings.
> Is this only in TextMate that it's a no-op or system wide? and are  
> you using it in a context where it has a special action, or do you  
> just want it to insert a newline?

On my new PowerBook the Enter Key does not work as expected, too.
e.g. in Markdown it won't continue a list. If I duplicate the Snippet  
and assign either the enter key (which is left to the left arrow key)  
or fn-Return to it it shows the same icon ⌅ and works on either of  
those keys.
On my old iBook the standard snippet worked only with fn-Return for  
the standard TextMate keybinding.


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