[TxMt] bundle not remembering things?

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Sun Jan 22 21:28:43 UTC 2006

I just spent about 2 hours "customizing" the LaTeX bundle to include  
some of the "snippets" and templates that I used to use in TeXShop's  
editor. After quitting and restarting TextMate, I noticed that at  
least two of my templates have disappeared, the order of my snippets  
and templates has changed, and the modifications I made to the  
"Filter List..." in the Bundle Editor have all been reset, that is,  
all the bundles that were unchecked in the filter have been checked  
again and now show in the editor. Is this a bug or something that I  
am doing wrong?

Thank you,

-- Gary L. Gray
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