[TxMt] adding to or modifying the symbol list for LaTeX?

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Sun Jan 22 20:37:39 UTC 2006

I just discovered TextMate I am liking it a lot. I will mainly be  
using it for LaTeX and I have it working nicely with TeXShop as my  
previewer. With that said, I am writing a large textbook in which I  
have created new definitions for \subsection and \subsubsection,  
which are called \Subsection and \Subsubsection, respectively.  
Unfortunately, the function pop-up menu does not show these as they  
begin with a capital "s" rather than a lower-case "s". I have looked  
in the symbol list for the LaTeX bundle and I see:

/* preferences */
{	showInSymbolList = 1;
	symbolTransformation = '
		s/(?<=\\|sub)sub/ /g;             # replace all leading "sub" with  
an em-space
		s/^\\( *)section(?:\[[^]]*\])?\{(.+)\}/$1$2/;   # then strip all  
but em-space + name

I must confess that I don't know enough of what appears to be regular  
expression syntax to make the bundle recognize my commands. Can  
someone tell me what I need to change in the above definition to get  
the behavior I desire?

Thank you,

-- Gary L. Gray
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