[TxMt] Fwd: [Bibdesk-users] Slightly OT: Changing editors

Matthias Damm textmate at macpla.net
Fri Jan 20 10:40:05 UTC 2006

Am 20.01.2006 um 05:31 schrieb Charilaos Skiadas:

> On Jan 19, 2006, at 7:38 PM, Matthias Damm wrote:
>> there is a discussion about LaTeX editors going on in the BibDesk  
>> users list (with some enthusiastic recommendations for TextMate ...).
>> Let me forward one mail that could be interesting here as well.
>> To sum it up:
>> - Someone is missing code collapsing for \footnote{} commands  
>> (very good idea if you ask me ... I've seen that it is already in  
>> the Wiki as a feature request.)
> That would be nice indeed, though I don't think it would be too  
> easy, unless Allan changes how TM handles folding markers. I think  
> folding markers need to be in separate lines, so we would have a  
> chance for something like:
> \footnote{
>     footnote text. We could fold this possibly.
> }
> though this does not seem that useful.

Not really ...
A great solution was if it would appear as \footnote{<+>}, with <+>  
being a button to expand the footnote text.

>> - Adam Maxwell offers a completion controller that could improve  
>> the interaction between BibDesk and TextMate.
> That sounds interesting. Do you have any links? I probably won't  
> have much time to look into it, but maybe someone else would.
> So what is wrong with the interaction as it is? What would people  
> like to see different?

I don't know the details, but I re-forward your answer to the BibDesk  
list and ask Adam to get in contact with you.


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