[TxMt] File resets after switching to Safari and refreshing then switching back

Phill R Kenoyer phill at kenoyer.com
Thu Jan 19 17:51:07 UTC 2006


I've tried searching the list, but I didn't find anything about  
this.  I've had this problem for a long time now and I figured it  
would get fixed, but maybe I'm the only one having the problem.

When I'm editing HTML/PHP pages and I switch to my web browser,  
Safari, to refresh and view my changes, then when I switch back to  
TextMate I lose my place in the text area.  It acts like it reloads  
the file when I switch back to it.  The carrot moves to the beginning  
of the line, and most of the time the whole text area will scroll  
down one line.  Usually when this happens there is a 2-5 second lag  
before I'm able to start typing.

It's very annoying.  Is anyone else having this issue?

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