[TxMt] TM freezes completely on search&replace in 6K-lines XML-File!

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Mon Jan 16 23:51:27 UTC 2006


I just wanted to do some xml-wrangling with TM and opened my usual  
accounting file which contains ca. 6000 lines of xml.

I work with it all the time and never experienced any problems.  
except for right now, when i did a search and replace with regular  
expressions, just simply remoing all line-breaks, ie. replacing '\n'  
with nothing.

TM has been maxing out the CPU for ten minutes now (Dual 1GHz G4) and  
doesn't let me do anything. I've got ca 15 projects open and am  
praying that they're saved.

How can this be avoided in the future? is TM really only usable for  
small files such as XHTML templates or code? that'd be a real shame...

can anybody shed any light on this or give some advice, what other  
product to use for the 'heavy lifting stuff'?

best regards,


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