[TxMt] RubyMate and command line discrepancy

Yvon Thoraval thoraval.yvon at free.fr
Sat Jan 14 19:57:46 UTC 2006

Hey all,

i get another PATH (or the like) RubyMate versus command line  

i wanted to test osx/cocoa install against previous rubygems installed.

then i've done (cut'n paste) a small script using both kind of ruby  
extension :

#!/usr/bin/env ruby -w

require 'osx/cocoa'
require 'plist'
require 'iphoto2' #<<-- line 6


this script is working well using command line however using RubyMate  
i got :
RubyMate r2496 running Ruby v1.8.4.
 >>> ~/work/Ruby/RubyCocoa/test.rb

LoadError: no such file to load -- iphoto2
method require
in test.rb at line 6
at top level
in test.rb at line 6

something really strange to me i dis install 'plist' and 'iphoto2' at  
the same time and using the same tool 'rubygems'....

ans, they are in the same directory :


in case u've some light about that obscure cavern ;-)


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