[TxMt] Web Preview Refresh -> CSS Edit

Eric Curtis ecurtis at rgbdesignstudio.com
Wed Jan 11 18:47:33 UTC 2006

As much as I love textmate the one area were it has continuously fell  
short for me is in the web preview pane. I want it to keep the file  
up that I last used when I go to a css file and display the changes  
however it will does not work this way.

I found that I needed to check some css syntax today so I fired up my  
second favorite editor CSS Edit and once again found the exact  
solution I which textmate would introduce.

Is there anyway I could make a key command that would fire off a  
message to CSS Edit to update it preview, similar to how I can make  
Safari refresh? (CSS Edit has command-R assigned to refresh it's  


Eric C

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