[TxMt] "LaTeX in TM" screencast

Kyle Swank unlogikal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 00:22:57 UTC 2006

well, i can look at the portfile from darwinports, and watch as it
downloads, configures, makes, packages, and installs each dependency.
i know i-installer has a log file, but i prefer the darwinports end of
things because i have experience with both linux and freebsd. it just
works better for me, chalk it up under personal preference. whereas i
couldn't quite figure out how to install the stuff i wanted via
i-installer, and both pages i had read on installing latex in OS X had
about 8 or 9 screenfulls of information regarding i-installer, far
more than i was willing to read when i knew i could do it with
darwinports if i only knew the package name i needed to install.
googling for about 10 more minutes found tetex. i also think
darwinports seperates out the components better for upgrading.

port upgrade tetex

it doesn't just magically do whatever it does. i tell it to do it, and
i can visually see what's going on as it happens.

i already had darwinports installed and XCode 2.2, so that was added
simply for people who don't already have it installed. So all i
personally needed to do was pop in my Tiger disc and install X11.app
and type "port install tetex" in Terminal.app and it was installed a
few minutes later.

so really it just comes down to what you prefer to do i guess. i know
darwinports seperates those apps from my other stuff. it's put in
/opt/local/ ... i had no idea where it might install stuff with

it just turned into a lot of "well, what exactly is it GOING to do?"
and the result was too much research for simply installing an app to
try out. darwinports made it easy, and if i didn't like it, it was a
simply "port uninstall tetex" and it would be gone.


On 1/10/06, Marco Kuhlmann <mk at mcqm.net> wrote:
> Am 10.01.2006 um 21:33 schrieb Kyle Swank:
> > That sort of stuff. But also, the hardest part i seen concerning
> > latex, was installing it. I didn't want to use the i-installer app to
> > do it since i would prefer to know what's really going on under the
> > hood.
> I don't quite get that. What's in a "sudo port install tetex" that
> lets you know "what's really going on under the hood" and isn't there
> in the i-Installer? I do not find the i-Installer kludgy at all,
> certainly not in comparison to X11, Darwinports and Xcode.
>      - Marco
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