[TxMt] Textmate/TeXShop-Interaction

Matthias Damm textmate at macpla.net
Tue Jan 10 21:35:34 UTC 2006

Am 10.01.2006 um 22:08 schrieb Charilaos Skiadas:

>> I would prefer to keep TeXShop to control the LaTeX processing  
>> rather than Textmate's own processing since I have some .engine  
>> file (i.e. scripts that are started form within TeXShop) I would  
>> like to keep to perform some specific tasks.
> These .engine files seem to me to be just regular scripts, so you  
> could directly create commands in TM to call those scripts, or am I  
> missing something? Why do you need TeXShop for the scripts? My  
> suggestion would be to get TextMate to do the script work that  
> TeXShop would be doing, and avoid calling TeXShop at all. Can you  
> be more specific about this .engine file, and what it does, or more  
> specifically what are the things that TextMate can't do for you?

They basically are scripts, yes.

I am working with this .engine file for example:

location=$(dirname "$1")
basefname="${location}/`basename "$1" .tex`"
# process the bibliography
for file in "${location}/${basefname}"?.aux ;
     bibtex "${file}"

(BibTeX is called for any file1.bbl, file2.bbl etc., which are  
created by bibtopic to make multiple bibliographies possible.)

Would something like that work from Textmate?
(Maybe it obviously does, I am not a shell guru ...)


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