[TxMt] Three easy TM for HTML questions

Sean Schertell sean at datafly.net
Tue Jan 10 15:35:30 UTC 2006

>> As for the color pickers, those widgets are great!  Here's another  
>> one that I think I like even better (full-spectrum, not just web- 
>> safe):
> Isn't the concept 'web-safe' something that dates back to Windows  
> 3.1 with 256-or-less color palettes? It surprises me if that  
> concept is still in use :-p.

Right?!  I think most folks ignore the so-called "web-safe" palette  
these days.  But back on topic just for a moment... Isn't there a way  
to get to a color picker from TM without mousing around the CSS  
menu?  (click-wait-drag-click submenu-wait-click-woops-dammit-clicked  
the wrong thing)  I need a shortcut!  I guess the widget's okay, but  
it would be nice to have it "built-in" to TM.



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