[TxMt] Edit remote file via SSH

porneL textmate at pornel.net
Tue Jan 10 09:31:49 UTC 2006

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 07:39:35 -0000, Simon Dorfman  
<emaillists at simondorfman.com> wrote:

> Here's what I'd like to do:
> On my webserver, I'll edit my .bash_profile to include and alias for  
> 'mate'
> to a shell script.  The shell script will do the following:
> 1. secure copy the argument file to my local tmp folder
> 2. open the the local tmp file with 'mate -w'
> 3. once I finish editing the file in TextMate and close it, secure copy  
> the
> new file to replace the file on the webserver

No scripts needed - Cyberduck does that. It supports SSH and TextMate.

regards, porneL

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