[TxMt] Change to CSS file ignored by Web Preview

Eric O'Brien ericob at possibilityengine.com
Mon Jan 9 03:17:26 UTC 2006


(I'm new to the list and to TextMate.  Let me know if this has  
already been covered.)

Version 1.5 (906) --

Problem:  Web Preview does not reflect changes made in a CSS file to  
which an open, previewed HTML documents refers.


Open separately a HTML file and then a CSS file that's used by that  
document.  Evoke Web Preview on the html document.  Switch to the CSS  
document and change something that will effect the visual  
presentation of the html document.

Pause, waiting for something to happen.  ...  Nothing Happens.  Web  
Preview does not change;
Save the CSS document.  ...   Web Preview does not change;
Switch to the HTML document and make a small change ... the change to  
the html is immediately available, but the change to the CSS file  
does not appear;
Close the Web Preview window, save the html file, reopen Web  
Preview ... The change to the CSS file remains invisible to Web Preview;
Open the Drawer on the Web Preview window and press the "Refresh Now"  
button ... No Change -- modification to the CSS file still is not  

QUIT TextMate, reopen the two files in question and apply Web Preview  
to the HTML document.

   --> NOW, the changes in the CSS document are properly reflected.

Clearly, Something Is Wrong Here.

It is as if Web Preview has CACHED the CSS file and is using the  
cached version, rather than the current version, when it parses (or  
whatever) the HTML file for preview.

The current behavior substantially reduces the value of Web Preview.   
I hope we can get a fix soon.  After the skiing trip of course!  ;)

Related to this, I'd really like a "persistent" Web Preview when  
using a Project.  Consider the simplest example:  one CSS file and  
one HTML file open in a project.  I select the HTML file and choose  
Web Preview.  I switch to the CSS file to make some edits and ...  
WHAT! the Web Preview window disappears.

Of course, what I need is for the Web Preview of the HTML file to  
STAY OPEN open while I edit the CSS file.  And for it to reflect  
changes to the appearance of the HTML file as I make changes in the  
CSS file.  I imagine that this situation may apply to editing other  
sorts of "include" files (PHP?).  When I make changes to ANY TYPE of  
file to which an open HTML file refers, a Web Preview of that HTML  
file should be updated, AND include the changes to the included files.



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