[TxMt] Save and Close

Graeme Mathieson mathie at woss.name
Fri Jan 6 16:24:04 UTC 2006


I've been trying unsuccessfully this afternoon to create something  
that would perform 'save' and 'close' on a file with a single  
keyboard shortcut (which would be apple-shift-d, same and 'send ' in  
Mail) for the Subversion bundle.  After all, that's what my fingers  
seem bound to pressing when I've finished writing a svn commit  
message (they must know better and feel it's like I've been writing  
an email)... :-)

But recording a macros doesn't appear to work -- save doesn't appear  
to be recorded as a macro action, and close appears to cause the  
current macro recording to be cancelled.

I also had a look at using a command, which would allow me to save  
the file first, but I can't figure out how to tell TextMate to close  
the current file from there.

Can it be done?


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