[TxMt] Interminable slowness with TextMate over SMB

Andrew F andrew.071 at dysphoria.net
Tue Jan 3 13:41:12 UTC 2006


I'm new here. Just started using TextMate, and I have a problem where it 
is freezing for up to minutes at a time.

I’ve been using it to work from home. Whereas in the office we use 
Microsoft Developer Studio (on Windows), that happens to be a bastard of 
a slug of a text editor over a Remote Desktop connection, so I have 
connected to my Windows file share over SMB over my VPN, and set up a 
TextMate ‘project’ with all my files. (I compile remotely, over the 
remote desktop connection, or via Ssh.)

Now TextMate is a lovely editor, and it didn’t take much effort to have 
it syntax-highlighting C# code. Only one problem with the otherwise 
(almost) perfect setup: when I have the project loaded into TextMate 
(600-odd files), when I change focus to another application, then focus 
again on TextMate, TextMate hangs for at least 20 seconds. I presume 
that this is something to do with it checking the files, because a local 
project doesn't seem to have this problem.

Potentially it’s some kind of network timeout (though I checked my 
various firewalls to see if some bits of the windows file sharing were 
being blocked, and that doesn’t seem to be the case).

I know that SMB is a dog over a remote connection (I'm on 2Mbps ADSL, 
and my office is 512kbps, I think), but this is almost unworkable, 
especially when it decides to go slow and takes 90 seconds rather than 
20 (it's somewhat unpredictable. I assume it’s dependant on network 

Does anybody have any ideas? Or should I report it as a bug? (Even if it 
is a network problem, TextMate could presumably check the files in the 
background, or at least provide progress feedback.) Has anyone else had 
this problem?



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