Markdown to Book (was: [TxMt] TextMate Manual)

Eric Coleman eric at
Mon Jan 2 22:58:32 UTC 2006


I started using your layed out manual folder for a documentation  
project I have, however, i've run into an issue.  I have 2 pages  
right now,  preface and Developer: Reports API

What's happening, is i keep getting this funky text at the bottom of  
the developer page:

[ActivatingBundleItems]: bundles.html#activationofbundle_items []:  

Eric Coleman

On Dec 26, 2005, at 7:30 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 23/12/2005, at 13:17, soryu2 at wrote:
>> As I am writing some documentation in markdown myself at the  
>> moment it would be a great help if you could share those scripts  
>> (along with your modified markdown bundle maybe).
> I've attached an archived version of my `manual` folder, which is  
> self-contained. My Markdown bundle modifications are limited to the  
> completion command mentioned (for references) and a custom drag  
> command for images to work with my path setup.
> The archive contains:
>    pages/*.markdown     -- the actual manual (written in markdown.)
>    images/*.png         -- the images (although I removed these  
> from the archive.)
>    templates/*.rhtml    -- three templates for how the Markdown  
> should look as HTML.
>    markdown.references  -- my reference list used by the pages.
> -- grep through `pages/*.markdown` for  
> references not in the list (and add these with a stub) plus tell if  
> there are unused references.
>    add_image_size.rb    -- add width/height arguments to image tags  
> which lack them (read from stdin, write to stdout), also converts  
> the src argument to an absolute ( path. This is used  
> by `generate.rb`.
>    generate.rb          -- this generate HTML versions of the  
> markdown pages, it writes these to `html`. The script goes through  
> `pages/*.markdown` in alphabetital order and strips any numeric  
> prefix in the HTML versions.
> You can provide other templates or another output folder to the  
> `generate.rb` script. E.g. to generate the online version of the  
> documentation I call:
>    ./generate.rb \
>      -toc_template="../site/templates/sidebar.rhtml" \
>      -chapter_template="../site/templates/doc_chapter.rhtml" \
>      -all_template="../site/templates/doc_all.rhtml" \
>      -output_dir="../site/html/textmate/manual"
> In practice you should be able to just replace the contents of  
> `pages` with your stuff, and run `./generate.rb` (with `manual` as  
> cwd) -- though you'll have to modify the `add_image_size.rb` to not  
> have it alter relative image paths (and/or edit `generate.rb` from  
> where it's called, which btw also set `images` as cwd for this  
> script).
> <manual.tbz>
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