[TxMt] Show Invisibles

Ned Baldessin androse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 02:52:35 UTC 2006

2006/1/1, Thomas Bohn <thbohn at gmail.com>:
> Maybe but I always thought of them as a convention. I actually like
> the symbol  for line endings in TextMate. But I can't see if the
> document uses LF, CRLF, or even CR as line ending. This would be a
> nice feature.

I sometimes have that need when working with workflows that I don't
control (exporting data using XTags to Xpress in MacRoman/CR, or PHP
scripts coded on Windows in ISO-8859-1-win/CRLF, etc).

But I'm not sure a different symbol for the line ending is the
solution. Maybe integrating the text-encoding and line endings
settings in the footer toolbar would be a solution. For me at least,
such information would be much more useful than the "Line: x | Column:
x" box that I never look at.

What do you think ?

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