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Ian Davies idavies at leapingfrogs.com
Mon Feb 27 18:21:04 UTC 2006

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On Feb 25, 2006, at 2:28 AM, Soryu wrote:

> Hi,
> in an attempt to do some ruby I have revamped the TODO list command  
> again, completely. It's now written in Ruby using ERB with a template.
> • It removes a bug from the older TODO comment which would descend  
> into subdirectories for non-project files. So if you had a file  
> in / and invoked the TODO command it would scan your complete Volume.
> • It sorts according to TODO/FIXME/CHANGED categories
> • and numbers the items, so you see how much work there is still  
> todo :)
> Soryu.

Looks nice with a single file open, but fails with a "too many open  
files" error with my entire project open.

Here's the error:

/tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:12:in `pwd': Too many open files - getcwd  
(Errno::EMFILE) from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:12:in `scan_file'  
from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:27:in `scan_file' from /tmp/ 
temp_textmate.mqBVat:26:in `each' from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat: 
26:in `scan_file' from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:27:in `scan_file'  
from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:26:in `each' from /tmp/ 
temp_textmate.mqBVat:26:in `scan_file' from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat: 
27:in `scan_file' ... 7 levels... from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat: 
26:in `scan_file' from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:39 from /tmp/ 
temp_textmate.mqBVat:38:in `each' from /tmp/temp_textmate.mqBVat:38
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