[TxMt] sweet textMate FTP project window goodness!

Niko Dittmann ni-di at web.de
Thu Feb 23 20:07:25 UTC 2006


Am 23.02.2006 um 19:43 schrieb thomas Aylott:
> [...]
> For extra slickness, you can save this project, stick the .tmproj  
> in your dock or something and be ready to go at a moments notice !
hmm... tried that with transmit... it stores the tmp-files in hidden  
directories in ~/Caches/TempItems/Transmit/.tmp_... . so i created a  
dynamic project with this folder and tried to tell texmate not to  
exclude hidden files from the project-drawer. with no success so far.  
the drawer stays blank. should the filter-pattern for the folder  
"Transmit" not just be "\.tmp_.*"?

regards, niko.

niko dittmann <ni-di at web.de>

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