[TxMt] Find/Replace Variables in Document?

Court K kizer at courtkizer.com
Mon Feb 20 06:05:36 UTC 2006

Uh I actually don't care about cost. Every text editor I've used  
EXCEPT textmate can do this. BBEdit, SkEdit, SubEthEdit, any of the  
decent ones.

I mean who actually is editing files that ARE NOT going to end up on  
the internet? Every file I edit is going onto the internet, so  
allowing me to edit them and save would be a huge boost. It's the  
only reason for buying any text editor. Especially an "editor for the  
21st century" that doesn't have internet capability.

I'd like to buy textmate, but I won't until it has some sort of  
integration like this. Right now I have to download the file, edit  
it, reupload it, I'd just like to hit "Save" and know that it's saved  
onto the remote server automatically.

On Feb 19, 2006, at 6:45 PM, Trevor Harmon wrote:

> On Feb 19, 2006, at 5:48 PM, Court K wrote:
>> Also TextMate has no way to upload/browse SFTP/SSH/ or FTP? The  
>> price is way to steep for an application that can't connect and  
>> upload the edited files directly.
> jEdit is the only text editor I know of that can do this for less.  
> Are there others?
> On a slightly off-topic note, it sure would be nice if Mac OS X  
> could provide volume mounting through SSH (e.g., shfs). Then *all*  
> applications would have this feature, regardless of price. Seems  
> kind of silly for applications to redundantly implement what should  
> be an OS service.
> Trevor
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