[TxMt] TODO Bundle enhancement

Niko Dittmann ni-di at web.de
Wed Feb 8 22:39:05 UTC 2006

any success here?

Am 30.01.2006 um 20:36 schrieb Soryu:
> Very nice, indeed. Though the looks could be improved a little :)
> When I use the buttons the display gets garbled up sometimes,
> will check that out.
i guess it's a problem with how i'm hiding stuff... i just set the  
height to 0... it would be better to also set the visibility to  
hidden, me thinkin.

also something like "hide everything but 'CHANGED'" would be nice...

> Soryu
> On 30.01.2006, at 19:21, Niko Dittmann wrote:
>> - i like to see, wether s/th is TODO, FIXME or CHANGED. so i added  
>> these words to the list and colored them differently.
>> - i added buttons to hide each category.
>> - as i'm a programming nube, i add own "changed"-comments  
>> ("NikosChange") to stuff i change in my RoR- and Joomla-projects  
>> to keep track of what i do (wrong ;-). i added this as another  
>> category. adopt this to your needs.

niko dittmann <ni-di at web.de>

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