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Niels noggin at mac.com
Wed Feb 8 21:20:10 UTC 2006

> Do people really use the mouse to navigate this menu? I just press  
> control-esc, then the first two letters of the bundle I want, then  
> right arrow, left arrow if I want to go back and so on. Plus, by  
> default when you pop the menu up, it's in the current language, so  
> you don't need to start typing. So for me the size of the button  
> doesn't really matter.
>> -- 
>> regards, porneL
Yes. Anyway, I think it should still be easy for people to click on  
if they choose. Perhaps they happen to be mousing at the time they  
want to open the menu. I don't think making the menu more clickable  
precludes the use of the keyboard.


niels gabel

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apple computer, inc.

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