[TxMt] RQ: Edit Selection In New Window

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 21:13:32 UTC 2006


I was just editing some embedded SQL today and though of an  
interesting idea.

Modify the new Edit In TextMate global function to work with  
selections, and work inside of textmate.

The flow would go something like:

I'm in an asp.net document
I select some embedded SQL
I hit the 'Edit In TextMate' command
It opens my selection in a new textmate window (saved as a file in a  
temp folder)
I edit my text like crazy
Save & Close
My original document shows and it replaces my selection with the  
contents of that temporary file

This would be SO totally hip!

I'm sure I could whip something like this up as a command, but I  
think native support for it might be better.
It might just be easier to modify the global command to either select  
all & activate or use an existing selection and activate.
Then just make it work IN textmate and you're set!


Thanks again for completely changing my life for the better! (the  
coding section, anyway)
I LOVE the Edit In TextMate action!!!
See http://subtlegradient.com/articles/2005/12/27/gus-mueller-flyopts- 

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