[TxMt] Shift-Tab to align a block of code

porneL textmate at pornel.net
Wed Feb 1 09:17:28 UTC 2006

On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 04:12:58 -0000, Jim Leask <leask at rogers.com> wrote:

> In other text editors (in my pre-mac days), I very commonly used the  
> block editing feature to quickly align code. I would use a regular  
> expression match/replace to insert in a bunch of whitespace where I need  
> it, then block select where I want the column to start and shift-tab to  
> squeeze all of the text back into a nice column.
> TextMate does most of the above quite nicely, with the exception of the  
> shift-tab. Shift-tab does not shift everything left, eventually  
> squeezing out the whitespace and leaving a nicely aligned column. Can I  
> do this somehow, and if not could it be added? (I really miss this  
> feature)

It's under cmd+[ and cmd+]
They say it's The Only Proper Mac Shortcut, but I miss tab and shift+tab  

regards, porneL

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