[TxMt] Re: CSS (overtype broken/removed?)

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 31 15:47:47 UTC 2006

Josh wrote:
> Any chance someone has a way to fix my problem?
> On Aug 29, 2006, at 8:30 AM, Josh wrote:
>> I removed the ": ;" in the bundle editor but it's still not back to 
>> it's default behavior. It used to place a semi-colon automatically at 
>> after what I was typing but it allowed me to type over the semi- colon 
>> with another semi-colon if I wanted to get outside the statement 
>> quickly. I did like having the semi-colon placed automatically since 
>> sometimes I would jump up to the head of the document, type in a CSS 
>> statement and jump down. I didn't have to remember to place the 
>> semi-colon when quickly testing my styles. How do I get that behavior 
>> back from which was in the previous version of TM?

Have you been checking out the other branch of this thread?

You need to do 2 things:

1. remove snippet (you did this)
2. add a smart typing pairs preference for ":" and ";".  it's explained 
in another post, or just look it up in the manual.

Alternately, you can check out from svn, or wait for the next minor 
version of TM.


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