[TxMt] TODO to ignore archive folders?

Andreas Duus Pape andreaspape at mac.com
Tue Aug 29 15:22:29 UTC 2006

Hello.  I have folders throughout my project called /archive/, in  
which I put old versions of things.  I would like the "Show TODO  
List" command to ignore everything in any folder named archive/.  Any  
ideas on how to do that?

I looked at the Show TODO List Ruby script, but I don't know Ruby at  
all and it was not obvious to me how I would modify (a copy of) the  
script to ignore specific subfolders.



p.s. I use hard folders in my projects, and would like to continue to  
do so.  Moving the /archive/ folders out of the actual folders on my  
HD is not an option.  However, if there was some way to surpress  
those subfolders from appearing in the project at all (other than  
actually removing them), that would be fine.  Unfortunately, deleting  
the references in the project is insufficient; the files in /archive/  
nevertheless have their TODOs appear in the list.

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