[TxMt] LaTeX-Bundle-Problem: Insert Environment based on current word

Niels Kobschaetzki n.kobschaetzki at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 28 18:43:30 UTC 2006

On Aug 28, 2006, at 3:48 PM, Christian Bogen wrote:

> Am 28.08.2006 um 12:01 schrieb Daniel Käsmayr:
>> Am 25. Aug 2006 um 08:42 schrieb Niels Kobschaetzki:
>>> Anyone else has the same problem (maybe on other keyboard- 
>>> layouts)? Does anyone has a solution?
>> Yes, same here. Solution: change the shortcut or use the "show  
>> bundle item" thingy ;)
> Alternatively, if you're like me do not want to modify the bundle,  
> deactivate the keyboard shortcut for »Zoom ein-/ausschalten« in the  
> system preferences (you'll find it in the tab »Tastatur- 
> Kurzbefehle« under »Tastatur & Maus«). You'll still be able to (de) 
> activate the quartz zoom feature in the pref pane  
> »Bedienungshilfen« ... (Personally I see no reason to turn it off,  
> though -- unless you hit  command-select-´ and/or command-select-ß  
> accidently very often. ;)

Thx - that helped.



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