[TxMt] Crash using Find dialog

Charles M. Gerungan charles at nednieuws.com
Sat Aug 26 09:20:50 UTC 2006

I've had a couple (2 or 3) of occasions with TextMate crashing and  
all those times, it happens doing exactly the same. However, this  
isn't reproducible in the sense that I can make it happen anytime I  
want to. That said, what happens is the following:

1. Cmd-F to bring up the Find dialog box.

2. Fill in the text to be searched.

3. Press <tab>.

4. Boom.

Each time, I send a crash log to Macromates and Apple, but I haven't  
seen this problem on the list. I know of one other person who also  
had this happen. Are we the only ones? :(

Regards, Charles.

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