[TxMt] Collaberation

Jacques Chester jacques at chester.id.au
Fri Aug 25 07:16:58 UTC 2006

Niko Dittmann wrote:
> this sounds really great.  is something like this principly possible 
> in textmate?  seems like the language-grammar (which is responsible 
> for syntax-highlighting, no?) has to be influenced by a command 
> reading an external file or something.  this would be great… *dreaming*

There's a lot of great text features in Eclipse that I miss when using 
but most keenly of all I miss:
* the refactoring support,
* the red squigglies (aka anti-brainfart tool) and
* the nifty trick that selecting one instance of  a variable on the 
screen highlights
  other places where it appears in to code.



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