[TxMt] (no subject)

Francois francois_75015 at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 24 20:27:56 UTC 2006

Hello, World of TextMate ! 

This first mail to say hello (the next one will ask a question ;-)

My name is Francois, I live in Paris (France) and I am new to TextMate. I just discovered TextMate this week-end and paid the shareware fee immediatly. Thanks Allan for this wonderful piece of software. 

I am not a programmer or any kind of hacker, just a phd student who uses LaTeX. Before using TextMate, I used TeXshop and BBEdit, Emacs (yes I tried it) and Smultron that was my editor of choice before saturday, when I started using TextMate.

What I like most in TextMate is the overall quality of TextMate and the flexibility in LaTeX editing, more precisely, the ability to keep TeXshop apart.

Well, that's all folks for this small introduction. See you soon on the list

Cheers !

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