[TxMt] Using PHP Markdown Extras with TextMate?

Brooks Seymore bseymore at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 07:21:17 UTC 2006

Tinkered around with Markdown today, found it quite enjoyable to use.
Mostly. Where I found it lacking is when Markdown formatted text is
within a div block, what with Markdown not working within block-level

Lookign for a workaround, I discovered [PHP Markdown Extra][1] by
Michel Fortin, a script which expands the Markdown syntax to allow one
to use Markdown within block-level tags. Is there a way to use that
script within TextMate?


For those interested in seeing the problem, I've included the samples
below. Pop them into a TextMate document composed in the Markdown
langauage. The first will convert as I would like properly, the
second, well, not so much.

**Markdown, Working**

**Markdown, Not Quite Working**



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