[TxMt] removal of project tree's root item

Michael Reece mreece at vinq.com
Thu Aug 17 19:15:19 UTC 2006

that may apply to your project, but not mine!

i have multiple top-level directories in my project drawer, none of  
which match the name of the project (what appears in the title), plus  
files not nested within a folder in the project drawer.

On Aug 17, 2006, at 4:37 AM, Simon Strandgaard wrote:

> The root item in the project drawer, is wasting valuable screen space.
> all the sub-items is indented by ~20 pixels.
> 20 columns * ~700 rows = 14000 pixels wasted.
> The name of the root-item can be seen in the window title, so its
> redundant to have it in the project drawer as well.
> Well I could just hide the project drawer...
> Thanks :-)
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