[TxMt] Multi-second lag while editing on SMB Share

Eric O'Connell eric at bodytalksystem.com
Thu Aug 17 17:21:19 UTC 2006

I am working on a design refresh of a site in ColdFusion.  As CF is  
incompatible with Java SDK > 1.4.2 and there is no way to downgrade  
(I am using 1.5/5.0) without reinstalling the OS, I am stuck running  
the CF server on another computer.  Apparently the internal CF server  
is unable to have a web root folder that is hosted on a network  
share, so I am also stuck editing via SMB (unless there is some other  
option I'm not thinking of?). The funny thing is that when I work o

Now to the TextMate bit: Every time I switch to TextMate, there is a  
multi-second pause (sometimes accompanied by the SBOD) before I can  
resume editing.  This happens before the window regains highlight, if  
that helps.  This is frustrating, as there is often a change/save/ 
reload type of flow to my work, particularly editing CSS etc.  Has  
anyone experienced this or similar behavior, or know of an  
alternative solution (I'm hoping to avoid anything like FTP).  The  
problem does seem particular to TextMate, since I was using skEdit  
set up the same way for a while without the same problem.  The  
problem does not occur when editing on an SMB share hosted on our  
linux server.

I'm running TM on a Mac Mini 1.42 g4/1 gb on 10.4.6, and the "server"  
is a P4 3.2ghz/1gb ram WinXP SP2... They are connected via 100Mbps  


Eric O'Connell
IBA Webmaster
941-921-7443 x15
eric at bodytalksystem.com

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