[TxMt] Re: Automation UI suggestion: "replay last"

rusty faulist at mailcan.com
Wed Aug 16 20:57:44 UTC 2006

sorry, this is an oldie. but it didn't reach the list, and i just got  
around to setting up a throwaway list address.

> I'd love to see three new items in the Automation submenus:
> Replay Macro > Replay [name of last macro selected]
> Insert Snippet -> Insert [name of last snippet selected]
> Run Command -> Run [name of last command selected]

+1 (or plus 20 if i have more than 1 vote)

this would be really handy (i know this, because i've used it,  
heavily, in photoshop).

i'd write it myself, but i don't see a place to hook it in.

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