[TxMt] Re:Simple textmate applescripting question

rusty faulist at mailcan.com
Wed Aug 16 18:42:44 UTC 2006

> You are not running this as a normal TextMate command?

no. from the shell.

this is what he wants.


i've got some handy alias.

alias cdf='cd "$(osascript ~/bin/scripts/cdf.scpt)"' # cd to current  
finder dir
alias cdb='cd "$(osascript ~/bin/scripts/cdb.scpt)"' # cd to current  
textwrangler dir
...and so on.

i really want one for textmate, but i've found no way to do it. not  
having one for textmate is really throwing a kink in my shell  
workflow. i'm just about to write an applescript to change to  
textmate, system-event some obscure key combo, and switch back to  
terminal. please don't make me kludge.

a fix for the 'path of document' that's in the dictionary would work.

or, if it's easier to implement, have mate --pwd return textmate's  
current directory.

the mate --run-arbitrary-bit-of-a-bundle thing that's been discussed  
would do the trick, too. i suspect that's way in the future, though.

best editor ever, thanks.

-- this doesn't work:
tell application "TextMate"
	set p to path of document 1 of window 1
	POSIX path of p
	-- nothing
end tell

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