[TxMt] Automatically make document a tab, if saved in project's directory

porneL mailinglist at pornel.net
Wed Aug 16 12:10:05 UTC 2006

When I have directory open (in drawer) with files I work on, I create new  
document with cmd+N (I'm too lazy and forgetful to hit Cmd+Shift+N ;).
When I save this document in project's directory, it remains open in TM as  
an individual file, with it's own window. Even if I open the same file by  
clicking in drawer, separate window remains separate and I end up same  
document in both tab and window.

Is it possible to automatically "tabify" documents when they're saved in a  
directory that's visible in drawer of some open project?
"Open" command does that already.

regards, porneL

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