[TxMt] CSS Scope Selectors

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Tue Aug 15 02:29:34 UTC 2006

On 14/8/2006, at 18:34, thomas Aylott wrote:

> [...] <img style="<%= "stuff and #{ "things" }" %>" />
> the word "things" is scoped as "meta.tag string source string  
> source string"
> The Descendant selector "meta.tag string" affects both of the tag  
> attribute string and all of the embedded source strings.
> But if it were a Child selector of "meta.tag>string", it would only  
> affect the tag attribute string.

But the attribute string contains the embedded code string, so I am  
not sure it works as you think it does, or I do not understand what  
you want. Is this for styling? Could you please give exact examples  
of what you want to achieve.

There is a request for child selectors [1] but my view has so far  
been that these do not solve the majority of problem I see -- I want  
a way to limit the depth, so to speak, of the match, sort of like  
negative look-ahead -- this will be very important for scope  
injection, so I definitely want to extend on scope selectors, but  
currently do not see child selectors as offering much of a solution  
(I might provide them anyway, but I am moving slowly so to not use up  
all the good characters on operators which will not see much use, and  
then be left with weird operators for what we actually will use ;) )

[1] http://macromates.com/ticket/show?ticket_id=B429CB47

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