[TxMt] Spinning beach ball for 10-20 seconds on TM focus

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Sun Aug 13 10:39:58 UTC 2006

On 11.08.2006, at 09:57, Sean Schertell wrote:

> Almost every time I switch from some other app to TM, the cursor  
> goes beach ball on me for about 10 or 20 seconds before giving TM  
> the focus. It really sucks for web page development since I'm  
> constantly flipping between the browser and TM.
> One thing that may be a factor is that my site is located on an AFP  
> share on another box on my network as a mounted volume. However, I  
> can edit using skedit with no trouble and no delay.
> Any ideas?



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