[TxMt] Re: Submit new bundle?

cormullion at mac.com cormullion at mac.com
Sun Aug 13 08:14:44 UTC 2006

On 2006-08-13, at 03:16, Jacob Rus wrote:

> cormullion at mac.com wrote:
>> I'd like to submit a newLISP bundle to the central mainframe...  
>> Are there instructions anywhere on how to do it? (I downloaded  
>> subversion so that might be a necessary first step.)
> Rather than making a new bundle, I recommend you try to add your  
> stuff to the existing lisp bundle, so that commands/snippets/etc.  
> that work for both can be shared.

Hi Jacob. Yes, I think this is a good idea - certainly in theory. In  
practice, though, I don't know enough about the main Lisp bundle, how  
to resolve obvious differences in syntax, and wouldn't in any case be  
able to test any changes, not having a Lisp system installed. Also,  
getting it wrong could bring down upon my head the not inconsiderable  
ire of the Lisp fraternity, like the poor bloke who was given a  
little more advice than he asked for - <http://www.redmountainsw.com/ 

But I think it's a valid goal, nevertheless.


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