[TxMt] How can I make every file in a given (project) directory use shell script syntax highlighting

William Scott wgscott at chemistry.ucsc.edu
Sat Aug 12 16:40:53 UTC 2006

Hi folks:

I am new to textmate and to the list.  I have spent awhile with the  
manual but either I missed this or it is not in there (or maybe it  
can't be done).

I keep all my zsh configuration files in /Library/init/zsh

These include various files that are sourced, as well as shell script/ 
function files.  Since the latter have #!/bin/zsh at the top,  
textmate does the right thing, but I would also like the other files,  
that set up my environment, define aliases, and so forth, to use the  
same syntax highlighting, even though they do not have #!/bin/zsh at  
the top.

Is there a simple way to do this?



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