[TxMt] Suggestions from a newbie

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Aug 11 23:04:48 UTC 2006

   I'm just in the process of switching from BBedit...  TextMate is a  
great combination of Mac UI and Unix power :).  There are a few  
things I've found that could be improved:

   i) Having all the commands in bundles can make it quite tricky to  
find things.  Not sure how to improve this.  I almost want an obvious  
'search all commands' command.
     While browsing the list, I noticed someone else's feature  
request for a 'what does this key combo do' feature.  I'd like to  
second that.  And add a request for an 'open a window with a list of  
all current key combos' feature.

   ii) I'm used to having a shell open.  As I move around I might  
want to either open files in TextMate from the shell, or do something  
in the shell to a file that is open in TextMate.  This leads to two  
       - If you use the 'mate' command in the shell to open a file,  
then the file doesn't get added to the "Open Recent >" menu.  I think  
it should (perhaps as an option to 'mate', or a preference).
       - If I already have a shell open, I want to drag the document  
icon in the window title bar to the shell to get the path to the  
document (as you can in the finder with folders).  Now, I can open a  
new shell with in the same directory, and I could make a command to  
copy the path to the current file.  I'd kinda like the drag-and-drop  
OUT of textmate option though.  (N.B. you can do this with icons in a  
project.  You just can't do it with an individual file's icon.)

   iii) While looking for a solution to the 'drag out of textmate'  
problem, I searched the list and found that I could drag out of a  
project.  But I already had the file I wanted to edit open.  I didn't  
have a shell in that dir (so I couldn't 'mate .') and I didn't have a  
Finder window in that dir any more.  I couldn't find a way to 'make a  
new project with a currently open file'.  I'm sure I could make a new  
command to do this pretty quickly, but it seems like something that  
should already be there, somewhere.

Anyway, thanks for a great product. :)

Will           :-}

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