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Daniel Käsmayr daniel at kaesmayr.net
Thu Aug 10 14:36:37 UTC 2006

You must have missed the betas of Subethamate…
(Sources: http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.editors.textmate.general/ 
month=20060401 as well as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TextMate)


Jeroen van der Ham | 1 Apr 08:51
New Beta coming soon!

From: Jeroen van der Ham <jeroen at ...>
Subject: New Beta coming soon!
Newsgroups: gmane.editors.textmate.general
Date: 2006-04-01 06:51:56 GMT
Hello all,

As you may have noticed, the cycle of TextMate betas has slowed down
recently. When talking to Allan yesterday, I asked him about the
progress of reworking TextMate's innards. He confided me that during the
recent months MacroMates has been cooperating with TheCodingMonkeys
working hard to exchange experiences and to merge their editors.

Later today a new beta of SubEthaMate will be released, as a combined
effort between TheCodingMonkeys and MacroMates. This new beta will
feature preliminary support for both of SubEthaEdit and TextMate
strongpoints,  collaboration features, access to the Unix shell, and
remote editing over (S)FTP.
The beta will of course be very rough around the edges, and it will
require extensive testing and feedback to get all this right. Allan told
me that the new beta will be released only to the TextMate community
later today. The public announcement will follow when SubEthaMate is
more stable.

To be certain, I contacted one of TheCodingMonkeys, Martin Pittenauer.
He confirmed that they are working with Allan to create a stronger
editor. "TextMate and SubEthaEdit both have the same philosophy, selling
their editor at a low price and placing high value on usability. It is
time we combined our effort and knock BareBones off their throne.", he
He also told me that they are waiting for SubEthaMate to become
reasonably stable, before releasing it to their community.

I can't wait to get my hands on the new beta!
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