[TxMt] code browser not working anymore?

Jamal Johnson jamal.johnson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 16:04:04 UTC 2006

a while ago someone helped me setup the ctag stuff to work with the js
syntax i use:

On 11/30/05, Charilaos Skiadas <cskiadas at uchicago.edu> wrote: On Nov 30,
2005, at 3:54 PM, Jamal Johnson wrote:

> i've taken a look and to be honest i'm terrible with regexp's and
> could use some help. i'm trying to define a way to see objects in a
> certain format in my JS files:
> var CustomObject = Class.create();
> CustomObject.prototype = Object.extend( (new ViewObject()), {
>     member1 : true,
>     member2 : "someString",
>     member3 : "anotherString",
>     someFunction : function(){
>         //doSomething
>     },
>    someOtherFunction : function(){
>    }
> };
> so then in the tmCodeBrowser i'd see something like:
>    Objects
>       - CustomObject
>          - member1
>          - member2
>          - member3
>          - someFunction
>          - someOtherFunction etc....
> something along those lines anyway. can one of you point me in a
> starting direction for howto setup the .ctags.tmcodebrowser file to
> do this for javascript files?

Try adding this to .ctags.tmcodebrowser

> .prototype *= *(.*)/-\1/o,object/
> --regex-javascript=/^[ \t]*(.*) *: (([^f]*)|(f[^u]*)|(fu[^n]*))[\t]*
> $/---var: \1/o,object/
> --regex-javascript=/^[ \t]*(.*) *: *function/---fun: \1/o,object/
> This might do something close to what you want. Just make sure to not
> ask TmCodeBrowser to sort things. With the simple regexp additions,
> you cannot recognize things in multiple lines, so there is no way of
> grouping the variable and function definitions with a particular
> object, this way at least visually they will be close to what you want.
> I believe that if one really wants to, one can write a parser and add
> it to the ctags source code and recompile, that is provided that Gerd
> Knops provides you the source code, or is willing to add the parser
> ofr you. I am guessing someone out there has already written a parser
> for javascript that maybe does what you want it to better, but I
> wouldn't know anything about it.
> I was under the impression that tmcodebrowser supported actionscript,
> which might be close to what you want, but I couldn't find it in
> the .ctags.tmcodebrowser format.
> Haris

but for some reason now codebrowser doesn't work at all for me, even with
simple js files. has anyone else been having issues?
i am using the most recent 1.05 release, at least that's what it says under
config. thanx!

- jamal
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