[TxMt] Use of Subversion requires a file to be open.

Romulo Velasquez rom.velasquez at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 11:09:07 UTC 2006

When I open an existing project the directory structure appears in  
the drawer while the currently selected file contents appears within  
the window (which is blank when you first open an existing project).   
If I have the root project folder selected (text window still blank)  
I am unable to get the status of the subversioned folder ('svn  
status').  In order for me to get the status of the project I must  
open at least one file and then select the root project folder again  
and then I can get the status.  This is true for other subversion  
commands as well (you need at least one file open in order to perform  
subversion commands on your project).

Is this behaviour intentional?  I feel like subversion commands  
should work independent of whether files are open or not .. it should  
work on the files/folders in the project drawer only.


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