[TxMt] Recreating bbinclude in TextMate?

Peder Axensten peder at axensten.se
Mon Aug 7 19:21:16 UTC 2006

On 5 aug 2006, at 05.29, James Edward Gray II wrote:

> On Aug 4, 2006, at 11:53 AM, Brad Choate wrote:
>> I had thought of generalizing it further... but what other  
>> documents would be likely to use it? Most scripting languages  
>> should be using their native include/require commands instead of  
>> something like this, IMHO.
> Hmm, you do have a very good point there.  Perhaps it isn't needed.

I would certainly find very good use for it in both LaTeX and Matlab.  
There are ways to call other files, but often I need to deliver  
everything in one file. Oh, I'd love it!

BTW, the BBEdit placeholder #relative# is ignored?

/Peder Axensten

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