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Tom Armitage tom.armitage at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 09:38:26 UTC 2006

Adam: do you understand regular expressions? This isn't meant to be a
dig, but it would affect the kind of advice one might offer. The
language grammars aren't too complex, especially to write a small
extension to a current one (eg: a HTML (JSP) extension, where you
write your JSP definitions and then import the entire HTML grammar).

Not knowing JSP, I'm not sure what a "taglib" is, but I presume the
complexity you're running into is in syntax-highlighting. Or are
snippets an issue too?

The full documentation on macromates.com, combined with a heavy dose
of "looking at other bundles", is probably the best tutorial available
right now. If you've got some more specific questions, do ask, because
they'll be easier to answer :)


On 04/08/06, Adam van den Hoven <adsmart at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I just started working with TM and its great. Given time, its going to
> make my work much faster.
> In my company we've created a large number of custom JSP taglibs. I
> would like to be able to add those taglibs to the HTML bundle (or more
> accurately create a new bundle from the HTML bundle for this). I was
> trying to get my head around the language definitions and I got
> hopelessly lost. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I can use to
> figure out how to do this?
> Thanks
> Adam
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