[TxMt] completionCommand prefs confusion

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Mon Aug 7 03:04:26 UTC 2006


I am pretty close to set up my development environment exactly the way I
want it.
The TXP Bundle runs much nicer now, with no warnings in Console output.
In the meanwhile, while using it and testing along, I came across a
problem that has puzzled my for hours.

I hope, that someone might be able to help.

I have a project Folder that uses a local document root Folder in my
Site folder for Testing, no problems with that.
However in order to use the completion command, for completions, that I
want for a special Tag <txp:article />, I have a Preference Item, that
contains the following command:

{	completionCommand = 'find "$TM_DIRECTORY" \
    -name "$TM_CURRENT_WORD*article.txfml" -maxdepth 2 \
    -exec basename "{}" \;|sort'; }

as described in Section 4.2 of the manual, in order to provide the
filenames of a special folder, that contains the needed filenames that I
need to provide as attribute values for the above mentioned tag.

My first problem here is, that I would need maxdepth 4 and even worser,
maxdepth 4 and 5.
I tried to alter the command, setting maxdepth to 4 and 5, since I need
to maintain the directory structure of my site folders.
This does not seem to work.

The second problem is, that I also have some other completions for Tag
names and attribute names, which are sitting normally in arrays, in some
other pref Items.

I set up another pref Item,

with :

{	disableDefaultCompletion = '1'; }

and scope :

text.html.txp entity.name.tag.single.article.txp

which is the same scope that I have for the above command, in order to
suppress the default completions on article form attribute values,
but the only thing that the escape key cycles through, are the near by
found values in the open document.

What am I doing wrong here ?
(Note also, that the file endings I have, have the form eg.:
.article.txfml, comment.txfml, file.txfml, etc,  which are needed,
to fine grade those completions based on this article form completion

Any help appreciated.

regards, marios

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