[TxMt] Re: Un-smart typing of '

cormullion at mac.com cormullion at mac.com
Sun Aug 6 19:11:06 UTC 2006

On 2006-08-06, at 19:49, Jacob Rus wrote:

>> OK - since I'm working on the newLISP bundle I can keep them  
>> separate, hopefully, and learn from the experts as I go!
> My recommendation is to add newlisp stuff to the lisp bundle and  
> commit it to the main repository.

Thanks, Jacob. I would probably follow your recommendation, but I'm  
struggling with one language and working with two might be too much  
for me at this stage, and I'd hate to upset anybody who works with  
Lisp with my fumbling efforts - their wrath is legendary... :-)

I'm hacking on the newLISP bundle because I'm trying to see whether  
TextMate could replace BBEdit for me; making a BBEdit codeless  
language module is relatively simple compared with a TM bundle, though.

I'll add "learn how to commit things to the main repository" to my  
list of new cool things to learn about TextMate.


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