[TxMt] Fortran and Comments

Carsten Hoever hoever at gmx.de
Sat Aug 5 17:18:34 UTC 2006

Fortran and Comments


while it wasn't a major problem to make some additions to the very  
rudimentary Fortran bundle (I added some snippets and a compiler  
command) I am struggling to get the "Continue Line Comment" from the  
Source Package to behave correctly.

While the scope seems to be  identified correctly and the "Comment  
Line" commando behaves as expected, the "Continue Line Comment"  
doesn't add a proper comment symbol (in this case preferably *), it  
jumps to the next line but only adds a space instead of *. I have  
tried to find any differences to other bundles where the commadn  
works, but I can't find the missing piece.

I have already added the line

asterisk		*

to the "Continue Line Comment ". But this didn't help either.

Any ideas where I have to look for the missing piece so that I get  
the proper symbol instead of a space?



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