[TxMt] Defining functions in bundle

cormullion at mac.com cormullion at mac.com
Thu Aug 3 19:39:16 UTC 2006

> Hey - I got it working, and merged your two previous suggestions to  
> produce a working (but hard-to-read) language definition.  
> Eventually. ;-)
> Thank you so much for your patience...

Just one quirk I noticed: when I quit TextMate and re-opened it,  
these functions didn't appear. But I changed the bundle property to  
this value:

showInSymbolList = 0;

and now functions work every time, and continue to work over  
relaunches. The manual clearly states that this should = 1, yet only  
0 works for me. I've managed to reverse the polarity somehow. I'm  
sure there's an explanation, if not a simple one... :-)



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